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KW Beta Sigma Phi City Council

2018 - 19 Meeting Dates

"The purpose of a City Council is to promote inter-chapter harmony and to provide a way for the members of chapters to correlate their planning and activity for city-wide events." *from The Book of Beta Sigma Phi, copyright 2004, page 20

KW BSP City Council meets on the first Wednesday of September, October, November, February, March, April and May. Each chapter sends a member to the meeting as their representative. With over 160 members and 13 chapters, City Council provides a great environment for members of all ages to meet and get to know sisters from other chapters, thus keeping a vital link of communication open, along with an opportunity to learn from each other.

City Council's role:
ensures that chapters receives names of prospective members
organizes city-wide socials
helps chapters organize city-wide dinners for Christmas and Founder's Day
performs special rituals such as Order of the Rose, Silver Circle, Ruby, Golden and Diamond Rituals
welcomes new pledges and transferees
maintains a roster of the membership
organizes inter-chapter visitations
publicizes "Chapter Chatter" for all chapters
sends cards to members during illness or bereavement and shares happy news with all chapters
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